Shooter's Choice Pro-Care System Step One: Clean

We broke firearm cleaning down into three easy steps to take some of the guesswork out of how to get the maximum results out of your firearms. The Shooter’s Choice Pro-Care System walks you through the 3 essential gun cleaning steps.

  1. Clean
  2. Lubricate
  3. Protect

Step One: start with the clean.

Clean and remove fouling build-up from the bore with a bore cleaner using a quality phosphor bronze brush. After cleaning the bore, the action needs to be cleaned/degreased. Apply a small amount of bore cleaner of your choice. Using a nylon bristle utility brush, gently scrub the parts to loosen residue from all areas of the action, receiver and trigger assembly. Spray the action cleaner/degreaser on the action to flush away solvent, fouling, old lubricant and residue.

TIP #1: Remove powder and plastic wad residue with the Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner. Also effective at removing plastic and carbon residue from sabot ammunition of inline muzzleloaders.

TIP #2: For stubborn jobs, such as heavy copper build-up, use our Copper Remover after first using the MC-7 Bore Cleaner or MC-7 Extra Strength Bore Cleaner. For heavy lead build-up, we recommend using our Lead Remover solvent.

TIP #3: Although all of our degreasers perform the same job, you’ll want to use our Polymer Safe Quick Scrub for firearms that have synthetic/ polymer stocks, frames, receivers, parts, etc.

TIP #4: Our Quick Scrub III is very effective but if not used as directed could be harmful to painted surfaces, plastics, polymers and wood surfaces.

Suggested STEP ONE Products:• MC-7 Bore Cleaner and Conditioner• MC-7 Extra Strength Aerosol Bore Cleaner• Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner• Copper Remover• Lead Remover• Polymer Safe Quick Scrub• Quick Scrub III• Cleaner/Degreaser

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